The Rise of an African Technophile -Edward Asare

Edward Asare is a Ghanaian digital entrepreneur. He was awarded a Bachelor of Arts (Economics/Information Studies) in 2016 from the prestigious University of Ghana having graduated successfully from Acccra Academy in 2012. He is a proficient writer and a social media influencer/strategist. In the course of time, Edward had won numerous awards given in recognition of his commitment to lifting individuals, brands and corporate businesses from obscurity to the limelight. He leverages his expertise on digital media and communication strategies to maximize the visibility, publicity and patronage of his clients.

While carrying out these noble but technical services, he had endeared himself to a myriad of individuals, corporate organizations and like minds in Ghana and beyond though recommendation and effective networking. This is evident in the multitude of followers he had pulled to himself over the years across different social media platforms.

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Edward Asare is committed to acquiring salient skills, garnering diverse experiences and investing in his personal development so as to remain resourceful and solution-oriented since much is always expected of him as a sought-after opinion leader on both national and global front.

As a tech aficionado, Edward has a flaming passion for the IT sector and had through constant trainings and practice developed laudable competencies in relevant IT niches like Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Blogging, Brand Communication, Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, etc.   

Having meticulously garnered experiences in diverse digital fields, it is not surprising therefore that Mr. Edward has either worked for or partnered with many leading brands and businesses both locally and internationally including Standard Chartered Bank, United Bank of Africa, Credence Microcredit, Pedusa Valley Resort, Ankobra Beach Resort among others.

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Leveraging his oratory prowess, Edward Asare attended and spoke at several seminars and corporate events which saw him decorated with multiple awards. One of the most recent of his many accomplishments was conferred on him in Ghana at the Youth Excellence Award where he was honored as the Digital Influencer of the Year 2020.

Edward Asare remains resolute in his quest to bring outstanding millennials, industry experts, revered intellectuals and opinion leader to the spotlight using his platforms. He achieved stardom through discipline and diligence and as such, remains a quintessential leader and a veritable source of inspiration to the African youths who aspire to attain his height of success in their respective endeavors.  

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