Who Lifts AFCON 2022 Trophy?

Football is a major sports that is contributing highly in uniting many countries in Africa. Africa Nations Cup has continued to birth unity in most African countries as during the tournament, citizens of each country that qualified for the competition rally round in support of their country which keep aside any form of existing tribalism, ethnicity and religiosity.

Africa Nations Cup for 2022 will be hosted in Cameroon and the country will be very busy in receiving international and domestic flights from those participating and supporters.

Recall that there was rumor on possible cancellation of the tournament which did not hold water in the end as the organizers and body in charge still maintained that the competition will start on the 9th of January 2022

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Various countries have prepared their players and even sent them in solidarity with top government officials.

It will be an interesting competition as countries that qualified for AFCON 2022 all boast of best players that are known internationally as regards to exploits and achievements in English Premier league, La Liga, Serial A, European Champions league and among others

No particular country is sure of winning clinging victory as the winner of the tournament. Updates will keep coming as AFCON 2022 kicks off on the 9th of January 2022.

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For the opening match, Cameroon which is the hosting country will play against Burkina Faso

Date 9/01/2022

Time : 17:00

On that 9th of January 2022, Ethiopia and Cape Verde will equally have their first leg by 20:00 while the rest qualified countries continues on the 10th and other schedule dates till quarter final, semi and Final match which will bring an end to prospective success of the tournament.

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