Akin Alabi Talks Tough on Staying Rich

The founder of Nairabet and also a business coach who has written two bestselling books ‘’ Small Business Big Money & How to Sell to Nigerians’’ recently took to his social media page to talk about how difficult it is to stay rich even after accumulation of multi millions.

Akin Alabi is also a politician who has tested entrepreneurship and Political world through direct engagement in the two vocations. He noted many points and all it takes to stay rich.

According to him ‘’ I know it’s hard getting rich but the real work is staying rich. Once you become financially okay, the things that are waiting to take out more than what you have will be waiting for you. Thieves, fake business opportunities, government, maintenance of assets and liabilities, charity, support of loved ones, fueling your own self actualization dreams and so on.

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Do not for a second think making that million sustains you forever. Keep this at the back of your mind as you hustle through life’’

Many of his followers have appreciated him with his kind revelation and inspiration while he still replied some of his fans in comic way.

Shina Peller who is also a lawmaker in Nigeria Federal House of Representative has said he needs the lesson to stay rich. He asked Akin Alabi ‘’ Oloye how do we stay rich ooo. Me sef need important lesson because responsibilities ….’’

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His numerous followers also commented in his post to support his view and also to share their own experience on almost getting broke even after accumulation of big cash.

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