Nigeria Government Lift Twitter Ban

There is massive reaction among Nigerians both home and Abroad based as the federal government lifted twitter ban in Nigeria.

As at midnight on 13th day of January 2022, Twitter became live again in Nigeria. The ban of the social media network has affected many small and medium enterprise that depend solely in promoting their business through the platform.

Many top government officials and recognized companies that relate with people through Twitter found it difficult to reach their audience since the disagreement with Twitter Inc. and Federal government of Nigeria.

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Recall also that many Nigerians that lives in Nigeria resorted to accessing Twitter through VPN which enables them to change the location of their device.

Since the ban has been lifted, it’s useless having the VPN stored in the users device. Nigerians that used that means have started deleting their VPN since they can easily access the twitter network.

It’s indeed a happy moment for the lovers of the social network with ‘bird’ as logo. Nigeria is indeed the largest market for this social media company in the entire West Africa. It is perceived that Nigeria government and Twitter Inc. have reached long lasting agreement which has necessitated the return of Twitter in Nigeria.

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Twitter download from playstore and IOS will likely come more from Nigeria as many that once deleted the social media mobile App will download it back for tweets and reading of other people’s tweets not devoid of promoting their business, personal brand and political opinion.

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